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Série C1-B
Série C1-N
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Couronnes et bracelets interchangeables


a sa Couleur

Selon l’humeur et la couleur de vos envies

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as pendants

Your heads can be worn

Carina H, 30 Watches in 1

Owning a CARINA H is the desire to be eternally young, beautiful, unpredictable in color and design.
CARINA H, a flower in a garden, a flower that changes color and shape with the magic of being unique.
CARINA H wants to be avant-garde and follows the whims of the contemporary woman free of her choices.
CARINA H now allows to match its watches to its mood, its look and its desires while remaining refined to the extreme.
CARINA H makes the watch a real accessory of beauty and fashion in its own right.
CARINA H, more than a watch, a jewel