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Creativity, precision for a sublime perfection

Since its foundation, HANNA JEWELRY has chosen to be a leader in the jewelry manufacturing, to gain the trust and loyalty of its customers, and please them with jewelry pieces that last forever.

Jewelry manufacturing is a sophisticated process, based on creativity and precision. Every piece you buy from Hanna Jewelry is well supervised, impeccably finished and crafted by highly skilled craftsmen.

Art full of passion and taste

The jewelry making is an art full of passion and taste. The creation of every single piece is the point of start and the initial step. An idea of a piece of art is drawn in the imagination of our talented designers and reproduced in a unique and magical design.

Every step starting from creating to finishing, passing through casting, choice of diamond, setting and polishing is made under high level standards, to meet the customers’ expectations and to maintain our reputation in the highest levels.

The smallest detail may affect the finishing, our aim is to please our customers and offer them an exclusive masterpiece with every design.