In 1960, two brothers, Abdo and Honein HANNA, set up their own business in the heart of Beirut, where they opened his first top of the range jewelry workshop under the sign of Hanna Frères...

To date, the parent company still active, houses the different jewelry departments, the factory and the luxurious showroom. Since its foundation, specialized in jewelry design, making and wholesale, Hanna Jewelry is considered, on both national and international levels, as the most important top of the range jewelry designer and maker in the Middle East.

Each piece of jewelry is created under a very strict control and follows rigorously the jewelry tradition. At Hanna Jewelry, you buy yourself a quality guarantee for life and unmatched beauty.



Hanna Jewelry has been combining unparalleled craftsmanship, technical prowess and innovation in all its creations.

Hanna Jewelry Headquarters

HANNA Jewelry


Jewelry crafts are often passed on from father to son, especially in the art of making. As the years go by, the transfer of know-how perfects the craftsman’s move, meets new challenges, and becomes capable of reproducing the fruit of the wildest inspirations. Moreover, pure creation is what the Company excels in.

40 years later...

40 years later, in the year 2000, fortified by the emblem of its predecessors, the new generation launches the HANNA brand specialized in the retail business and dedicated to the fascinating international adventure.

In 2016, HANNA Jewelry is a name of international Fame appreciated by the crowned heads and the Jet set.